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Natchez Trace State Park

Posted by on April 5, 2009

Rolling down I-40 and we’re heading west on thru Nashville needing to get to Memphis.  That’s too far away to drive in one day.  Here comes the rains again.  Check out the RV books I tell Robin. We find that the Natchez Trace State Park looks inviting.  Full hook-ups, large level sites and lake.

natcheztrace3We found that we were one of only three RV’s in the entire park. What a great view.  One problem. We were so far down in the holler that we had no cell reception, therefore no internet either.  No problem, we’ll watch some basketball or whatever. Too far down for even television reception so reading and photographing was going to be the norm here.  And then the deluge came.  But this had nothing to do with the park and I need to be fair here. If ever traveling this route or near southwestern Tennessee, you’d do yourself justice by paying a visit to Natchez Trace State Park.  All the sites are level, with many in the 100′ length.  All sites have full hook-ups with 50 amp service.  And the cost is only $25 per night.  There aren’t many amenities and this is not a place for kids.  However, if fishing, relaxing, or just doing nothing and enjoying a view is your niche, then this has to get a GL rating of 8.  How could you not rise in the morning and see this sight adorning your side mirrors and giving you a warning look:bluebird

By the time we arose the next morning the downpour had ceased. Time to climb out of the hollow and back onto the interstate.  We would find Memphis by noon if we were lucky. No sense in being in a hurry.  Ever wonder how a second could change your life?  How if you left a second earlier or a second later how fate may change everything?  We’re traveling down the interstate when an 18-wheeler lost control coming in our direction from the opposite lanes. Off the highway and into the median grasses. Crossing into our lane and jack knifing into a twisted mess that looked as if a giant can opener has skewed the steel open.  How lucky we were not to be a second or two earlier.


On toward Memphis. We’ll be there by noon.

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  1. Debbie

    We don not understand that in the greater scheme of things, a second can mean a multitude of differences………there are angels amongst us……

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