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Mud, Mud, Everywhere

Posted by on April 30, 2009


Several readers have asked about the photo preceding yesterday’s post and where it was really taken.  Honestly, it was taken from inside our RV, opening the little window in the living area.  If you look you’ll be able to see the electic power box 5B in front of the horses.  Todays photo was taken en route to work at the golf course this morn. So when I”m asked if I really want to spend a considerable amount of time here, the answer so far is yes.  However the work on the course isn’t what was mentally planned.  Our official jobs as starter and pro shop retailer will have to wait as floodwaters has delayed official opening.  So we, along with a team of seven full time employees and as many volunteers as can be conned,  man fire hoses to rid the links of silt.  It may be hard to imagine but the dirt deposited in some areas is a few feet high.  There are five gasoline powered pumps constantly working to pull even more water out of the Little Missouri.  These are then connected to two fire hoses each approximately seventy five yeards in length.  So, in total, ten hoses of almost a thousand yards are manned by us and spewing water for ten hours a day. This is done to soften the mud and make soup in order that  two Bobcats skid loaders equipped with huge rollers can squeegie the muck back into the river.  There are also a dozen or so broom handled squeegies manned by those of us too tired to handle seventy five yards of firehose shooting gallons of water per minute.  For the past two days we have manned these hoses for nine hours and eight hours respectively.  I have sore muscles I didn’t even know existed.  Robin, however, just smile and walks around in a trance, wondering why in the hell she follows this man and his gypsy bred ideas.  Exhiliration and the strenuous life…..we ache, we hurt, we’re dead tired.  We have never been so alive.

picture-004a          picture-008a1

0 Responses to Mud, Mud, Everywhere

  1. Debbie

    Here’s a thought……”View From my Window”……title for your photo journal that you’re going to publish……….I’ll bet Jimmy could do some major damage with you between the fire hose, and the skid loader….you and Robin are the ultimate “Gypsy Volunteers”

  2. Carolyn

    I’ll bet Ryan would love it if you left some work for him to do when we come out there next month. The rest of us can go golfing, or shopping, or site seeing, or horseback riding……can’t wait!!

  3. larry

    Don’t you worry Carolyn. There will plenty of work if the big guy chooses to do so. Shopping little knicknack shops galore. You’ll love it and the horses are just waiting for you to saddle up. Just dying to see you two. Love you.

  4. Donna

    Your lives have really been enriched since your decision to RV full-time. Lower Rifgon will never seem or be the same. I applaud you and the gypsy spirit. Miss you guys though

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