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Land of OZ

Posted by on April 15, 2009

We diverted a couple of hundred miles out of the way to visit Wichita.  Why?  Because I’m an idiot.  old-townA few years ago I spent a week in Kansas one night and you would’ve thought I learned a lesson.  But I wanted to see some old time cowboy stuff, which was all closed.  In fact, we found a lot of things closed in Wichita on a Monday.  I know not why.  We visited the much renowned Old Town.  I’m still looking for something interesting.   Time to move on.  I’m ready for a full day of driving and seeing things that stirs my emotions, move my soul, and laden me with what I call the ‘wow’ factor. The drive game me time to reflect on these things I think:

Lewis and Clark were just more than names in my 5th grade history book.  These had to be the most tenacious, bold, and kick-ass guys ever.  To do what they did without technology, roads, and a GPS still amazes me.

God has spent a lot of time in the Midwest advertising on billboards.

The four state region of SW Missouri, NW Arkansas, NE Oklahoma, and SE Kansas has to be some of the most poverty stricken, non-urban areas of America.

Carpenter levels must all be made in western Iowa as this has to be the flattest place on earth.

You can drive across Kansas in 12 hours and never have to turn your steering wheel at all.

It’s still cold here.


2 Responses to Land of OZ

  1. Debbie

    I can honestly say it’s warmer here, and sunny, just a slight chill in the breeze. Yards are being mowed, new lambs are being born, and there isn’t one bit of excitement going on in the little burg I live in, life is good!

  2. Lewis

    Great picture – when are you going to post your travel album?

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