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Happy Birthday, Robin

Posted by on April 16, 2009


Today we celebrated Robin’s birthday.  I know you don’t divulge a woman’s age but she should be proud of her appearance at this point in her life.  Her years now equal the speed limit on most state highways. Meals will come at a discount at the next Bob Evans. Movies will be two dollars less. So for her 55th, she woke up to a card I had penned, and a cake, (a whopping 3″ square marshmellow rice krispie treat).  As a gift, I bought her a kite. This thrilled the child that resides within her.

At first she had some difficulty, but undaunted, quickly…


…she caught some of the westerly winds and it was teetering several hundred feet high and at the end of its twine.


She played with it much the way a child does, showing Brutus her new toy of which he had no interest whatsoever. Here she was, celebrating her birthday, going on twelve.


Later she got all gussied up in a pair of clean jeans and sweater and we celebrated with dinner out.  Thanks, friends and family for all the calls of well wishes.  She was touched and much appreciative of those of you that took the time to send greetings.

4 Responses to Happy Birthday, Robin

  1. Debbie

    That’s my Lil Sis that I love, eternal sunshine, and child within, how can you not love her, she brings happiness to all that she meets………….

  2. Donna

    Well-I didn’t remember the big birthday but then I am older!! Anyway-HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBIN!! Pretend Neil is singing to you in the backyard of lower Rifgon. We wish you all the best and glad to have you as friends

  3. Helen

    Hello Larry and Robin( Happy Birthday Robin)
    Iam Helen Shannon Iam the lady that helped pulled your R V out of sand at john prince park Iam happy to see all is will . i love your emile it is great .God Bless you and stay safe.hope to see you next year

  4. larry

    Thank you all of you. We appreciate the comments and the thought of Neil singing. Debbie, you’re still the best. And Helen, could you please send your email so we can keep in contact. We will see you again.

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