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Down Home with the Neelys

Posted by on April 9, 2009


We were about to leave West Memphis and head for Hot Springs, Ark.  Just when everything was packed up, our neighbors Judy and Stoney Neal scolded us for wanting to leave so early.  Judy tempted us with some original Smith hot dogs out of Erie, Pa.  It didn’t take much to twist my arm as I am the quintessential hot dog connoiseur.  I made a deal.  We would stay for lunch if they would accompany us for some Memphis barbecue to top off the day.  After a great lunch of dogs, slaw and chips, topped off with homemade brownies we continued to sip the wine and yarn stories from our respective lives.   That lasted for several hours of belly laughs. Before we knew it we were bound across the Mississippi once again in search of neelys2Neely’s. This is a somewhat famous due to their exposure on the Food Channel every Saturday morning at 10 am. Well, we weren’t disappointed.  Not only were the portions huge but the taste was scintillating to the buds.  They start every meal off with a basketful of breaded buns. butteredbuns1 And the sweet tea is the best we’ve ever had.  All agreed.  There’s no sense in posting photos of everyone’s dish as they would just make you hungry.  






But  I did want to show you the beef brisket and the ribs that were served and the size of these orders.








There was no doubt, we all knew what we were having for lunch the next day….leftovers.  Back across the river as the evening was growing dim.  Finalize all items to pull out the next morning. We’ll be heading for Hot Springs,  but we’ll miss you…Mighty Mississippi.


3 Responses to Down Home with the Neelys

  1. Melissa

    I am SO JEALOUS…I want to be having dinner at The Neely’s and traveling all around…why must I work!!!….oh well, such is life…maybe one day 🙂

    Enjoy your trip, while I live vicariously through your photos and stories.

  2. Debbie

    I thought I’d seen barbecue………but, I gues I haven’t, wonder what I’ve been eating all these years?

  3. Donna

    While we remain stationery-we also had a taste for ribs and such. So off we went to dinner at an out of the way BBQ called Shane’s-the pulled pork was the best and we must drink a lot of fluid this pm!!!

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