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Black Hills Road Trip II

Posted by on April 23, 2009



Since we’re in the Black Hills area, we’re wanting to see as much as possible until we have to move on.  Another road trip was planned for the day but the “hawk was biting” a bit so hopping on the Gold Wing proved to be a bit uncomfortable.  So, fire up the Jeep and head for Custer State Park.  Just as soon as we got through the entrance gate a vehicle behind us tooted his horn.  Thinking I had done something wrong, I pulled over.the-peppers  The fellow rolled his window down and his wife said , “I see you’re from Pennsylvania”.  Well, to make a long story short this was Larry and Pat Pepper from Brownsville, Pa. living four miles from my place of employment prior to retiring.  In fact, a few years ago I interviewed Pat for a job as business manager.  She had just retired one week prior to mine.  Imagine, traveling some 2000 miles from home, only to be confronted at Custer State Park by people whom lived just a short distance from us.  Who would’ve thunk it.

We motored through the park, traversed on the Needles Highway, and then wound around the mountainside up to Mount Rushmore.  We put on another hundred miles or so today but the vistas were well worth the effort. Enjoy the slideshow.

8 Responses to Black Hills Road Trip II

  1. Debbie

    It’s amazing to me, to actually see things that I’ve only read about. The grandeur of the mountains, and the animals in the wild………I live through your eyes.

  2. Donna

    Mr/Neil always bumps into someone he knows from home no matter where we Go. Must be the friendliness of Pennsylvanians

  3. larry

    I would love to see those photo Susan, If you have them perhaps you could scan it and send it along. I’d love to see it.

  4. Gwen

    Love your photo’s. Thanks for showing us the Badlands. I can’t wait to see them for myself. They are on the list of things to see and do. We will be fulltimes in reality this year after living in our RV since 2006. Thanks for a great website.

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