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Across the Big Muddy Into Arkansas

Posted by on April 6, 2009

As we were rolling through Memphis we googled RV Parks and found one just across the river so we decided to head into Arkansas.  This is actually called West Memphis and all we had to do was drive across the Big Muddy.into-arkansasAs we headed toward the park we passed by the famous steel triangle of Memphis that used to house the pro basketball “Grizzlies“.  Sparse crowds took the team elsewhere and the entire structure now stands empty.  In a city with an astronomically high unemployment rate the city still owes some $33 million on this gleaming steel elephant.

triangleA short three miles across the river and into Arkansas we came upon the best kept secret on the Mississippi, the Tom Sawyer RV Park.

tom-sawyer-rv-parkI’ll critique the park a little later as we have to set up now.  What a view!  We are literally no more than fifty feet from the banks of this monstrosity.


One Response to Across the Big Muddy Into Arkansas

  1. Debbie

    Do I maybe see some sunshine there? Believe it or not, it went from sunshine and 54 degrees, to 35 degrees and snow here, I think I’ll transport to the Gypsy Larry rig and share in your adventures for awhile.

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