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A Walk in the Clouds

Posted by on April 10, 2009

Making our way around Little Rock, I’m reminded of the Colin Raye song of the same title.  It’s not the sleepy little town of which he croons, and I envision Clinton and now Huckabee sitting in their mini oval offices.  I wonder if there is something to the fact that a President and a would-be hail from the same small town in such a provincial state.  Oh well, on toward Hot Springs and the Cloud Nine RV Park, high atop a hill outside of town.

cloudnineroxanneWe choose our parks dependent upon the size of the sites in order to accommodate our seventy feet of length. And speaking of accommodating, Roxanne, the camp host was the ultimate at doing that. She made several adjustment to our choice of sites in order for us to be as level as possible and even offered us an extra site to park the garage without any charge. We didn’t need to do that, however, the offer and hospitality that she extended while we were there couldn’t have been better.  The park has paved streets and level, gravel sites,  an immaculate laundry room and baths, a community center with pool table, large screen TV, daily coffee and fresh-baked cookies.  Although there is no pool, the Wi-Fi is free and rvsitesrelatively quickpurplemartin, and the park also offers a short nature walk to saunter about. One of the best things is the view.  The park sits on a high hill in the Ouachita  (pronouned) Wah-Sha-Taw Mountain Range. Due to its the cleanliness and hospitality, this park gets a GL rating of 8. And it was only a short drive into the town of Hot Springs. We used this as our base of operation to enjoy the geo-thermal waters until Thursday’s tornado surrounded us and did some major damage to the area., prompting us to leave a bit early and head north into Missouri. Watch for tomorrow’s slide show on the comings and goings in and around Hot Springs.

2 Responses to A Walk in the Clouds

  1. Debbie

    Larry, I heard through Mom that you survived the tornado’s with no damage to your Rig, or yourselves……….and I think God for that…… looking forward to many more blogs and pictures of sunny days ahead! Be well, I love you all.

  2. Debbie

    We’re thankfull that you survived the tornado scare, with no damage to yourselves, Brutus, or your Rig. I will not wish the wind to be at your back again…….so travel safely……and Happy Easter!

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