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A Great 1/2 Day Trip

Posted by on April 22, 2009



I haven’t had the bike out in over a week and I was itching to get in a road trip.  Little did I know but this one turned out to be something that needs to be shared if you’re ever in the Black Hills area.  Directly south of Spearfish you will find route 14 heading in that same direction.  A road sign will direct you to Spearfish Canyon.  You must be warned however that clothing needs to be thought of prior to the trip as the temperature dropped 10 degrees by the time we reached the halfway point.  However, need I remind you that this was done via motorcycle.  The road snakes into the Black Hills with streams and white birch trees bookending the road.  Soon you’ll come upon Bridal Veil Falls which there is a pull off because you’ll want to photograph it.  Another few miles into the trek and you will come to the filming spot of the final episode of “Dances With Wolves”.  If you remember, this is the scene where Kevin Costner and Mary McDonald follow their brethren Sioux into the hills to escape the pursuing cavalry.  There’s a shot of this in the slideshow.  Climbing the mountain side we came to Terry Summit.  We diverted off the paved highway for a bit to climb the summit.  It was quite a ride as the road was dirt and the going slow.  Probably another five miles to the top but as you’ll see, the vista was worth the extra time.  Once we got back onto the road, its just a short ride to the intersection, whereby a left on 85 North is what you’ll seek.  This is also known as the CanAm highway. Another five miles and you’ll be lead into the village of Lead at the top of the peak.  Not really a place we relished stopping after a quick view, but we rolled on down the other side and your eyes light up as you enter another time and place.  It’s almost as yesteryear still appears when entering Deadwood.  We stopped here to walk around, take some photos and have a late lunch as it was already 2 p.m.  We entered Miss Kittys Place, where Lacie proved to be not only a great bar hostess but also shared some great stories with us.  We had to imbibe a bit as well.  I couldn’t pass up the chance to have a whiskey while in Deadwood.  I just watched too much of the miniseries on HBO.  I needed the ambiance to take me back to 1876 when a slug found its way into Hickok’s back and history was made.  Climbing back on the bike we continued on 85 anad came full circle to our RV park near Spearfish.  Another day trip is being planned for tomorrow if all goes well.  Looks like we’ll be off to Custer Park and the Needles Highway.  Hope for good weather and great photos.

6 Responses to A Great 1/2 Day Trip

  1. Debbie

    Larry, great pics, you look like you’re having a great time, as well as that “biker chick” that was trying to stay hidden in the background. I expected to see horses and cowboys on the street there……..keep em coming!

  2. Donna

    I want to be like you when I grow UP!!!!. All the sights you are seeing and the experience sounds and looks fantastic!!

  3. Michael Lockridge

    Hey, Larry! Thanks for stopping over at my site and commenting on the story. Nice to know someone reads and enjoys my work.

    I love the photo slide shows you have been putting up. My vicarious travels are made all the better through such stunning visuals. I really appreciate you and other traveling bloggers for making my virtual travel a rich experience.


  4. JIM/VAN

    I think that is James Stewart, a dirt bike racer not Tony

  5. larry

    Thank you Jim/Van. As you can see I”m not an avid follower of either NASCAR or dirt bike racing. I should have checked my sources. I will have to remember that in the future. Thanks again.

  6. larry

    Thank you Wanda, so much for reading the blog. I could probably work for the SD tourism department, loving it the way that I do. I’ll be back in your state in the future. You have much to offer.

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