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No Steeler Nation in "Bama"

Posted by on March 9, 2009


I played golf  today with a fellow (Scott) that hails from down here in ‘Bama’.  As the round went on, he asked me where I was from and like always I tell out-of-towners……Pittsburgh.  Because no one knows Canonsburg and being only 20 miles from the stadium I own the right to call the ‘burgh’ home.  He informed me of the need to visit Pittsburgh to try and get an appointment with Dr. Freddie Fu as his daughter needs major knee surgery.     Scott’s daughter has a torn ACL and he had heard that Dr. Fu was the best in the country with the advanced technology his daughter needs.  I told him that Dr. Fu worked at UPMC, is world renowned, and when I visited his office, I had viewed his ‘wall of fame’.  This wall being adorned with the photos of famous athletes that have been under his knife and care.  Scott wondered aloud if I had any connections in order to possibly procure an appointment with Dr. Fu for his daughter.  I immediately thought of my friend Rocky Bleier and told him so.  In fact, Rocky owes me a favor. I told Scott that I would get in touch with him and call in a marker due.  I just dumbly assumed that all this time Scott knew whom I was talking about.  After all, we were the same age, had pretty much the same heroes and I was sure he had a television in his own during his 20’s.   I was totally aghast when he asked me who Rocky Bleier was.  In shock, I stated he was the bookend in the backfield with the great Franco Harris. He said, ‘yea, I’ve heard of Franco’.  I was awestruck.  I asked him if he knew that the Steelers were from Pittsburgh.  He said, ‘yes, and I think they have a pretty good football team’.  You think!  I was just dumbfounded.  Are there really people out there, after all this time, that don’t know we have won “six”,  yes count them, “Six”, Super Bowls. Scott, this one is for you………..

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One Response to No Steeler Nation in "Bama"

  1. Ryan

    I had a great knee surgeon here in Philly. Dr. Cohen of the Rothman Institute. He works with the Eagles but has done rotations at UPMC and when Pittsburgh comes to town to play the silly birds, the Steelers request Dr. Cohen!!!!

    I’m happy to set up an introduction.

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