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Making the Rounds

Posted by on March 29, 2009


Prior to leaving we did get to spend an evening with my sister Lisa and husband Keving and half her children.  Ah, the bond between family grows stronger with the years despite any geographical distances.  And then it was off to visit Robin’s brother and family.  We treated ourselves to Scotty’s track meet.  I’m dying to be his agent as this man-boy has all the tools to be celebrituous.  Goosebumps upsprouted on the shanks of my arms when watching him come from so far behind to shatter any other’s hope of victory.  And when the Pittsburgh weather showed up in force once again, we headed South. (Click on any photo and enjoy the captions attached)

One Response to Making the Rounds

  1. Debbie

    Sorry I missed your visit, but, I’m glad to see the pictures….our nephew is quite the athlete……..has wings on his feet doesn’t he?My dad would certainly have been proud to see all his grandchildren and their accomplishments……….

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