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Campground Review

Posted by on March 8, 2009


 Bella Terra RV Resort in Gulf Shores, Alabama is not just your average RV resort.  This well appointed pleasure site is just newly opened and phase II is still under construction.  It’s lies a mere five miles from the white sandy beaches of the Gulf of Mexico.  The sites are long enough to accompany not only our RV but the garage as well but I’ve chosen to store it off site for aesthetic reasons.  In fact, the lighted palm tree has stayed in the basement because I just thought it may be too much cheese for this place.  They take good care of you here as well.  The entire resort guests were invited to the clubhouse the other morning for breakfast.  You had to bring two eggs and a quart sized baggie.  Once there, you cracked the eggs and dropped the contents in the bag.  Other goodies were available to add such as ham, cheese, onions, veggies and other omelet ingredients.  Your choice was added to the bag, zipped shut and you wrote your name on the outside.  Then all the bags were dropped into a boiling vat for 13 minutes.  Whallah! Everyone’s omelet was then ready at the same time as opposed to waited for each one via a skillet. The resort provided coffee, sausage,  crouissants,juice and fruit to add to the omelet.  All this was on the house. Now I’m off again to Gulf Shores.  Robin has a hankering for visiting to check out more “stuff”.  As if it’s different down here in Alabama.

2 Responses to Campground Review

  1. anonymous

    It would be nice to see more strategic approach to evaluating the campgrounds that you stay in. For instance, a standardized checklist documenting things like: number of sites, size of sites, price, amenities and things to do in the area. This would create a matrix of evaluation when selecting our next destination. You could even give it GL rating!

  2. Debbie

    Blogs and opinions… each his own, I enjoy them all, pictures speak a thousand words……..and one person’s cup of tea, may not be another’s!

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