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So Far, So Good

Posted by on February 10, 2009

I must confess.  I was a bit tentative about this retirement thing.  retired I didn’t work for 35 years because I had to.  I didn’t always have something extra going on because I needed the money that bad.  I did it because I needed to work, to feel productive in my own mind, regardless of how little I accomplished. I needed to work. So when the 23rd of January came about and retirement officially started, I approached it much like a tepid bath. Now I have to tell you, it’s only been three weeks, but so far, GypsyLarry is getting into this.

Allow me to digress.  I arise mostly by 7 each morning. Not because I have to, just because I’m done sleeping.  I partake of several cups of french roast while vacillating between two of the books that I’m toying with.  Throw in a little Harry Smith and Maggie Rodriguez and you have a wonderful start to the morning.  Then it’s off to take Brutus off for his morning run/walk and to get our muscles chortling with each other.

Today when we returned, we had to unhook everything, put the slides in and pretty much de-utiltize simply because we were out of propane and had to move the RV to fill up. Upon termination of this jaunt, it was time to back into my previous spot and practice hollering at Robin because that’s what we do when we have to take upon the personnaes of the Griswold’s. Time now for a late brief breakfast because we had plans to sit poolside today in basque in the 80+ temps of Ocala. By the time we felt we had osmosed enough vitamin D it was three o’clock.  We needed to run to the golf course to make a tee time for Thursday and zip over to the Winn-Dixie due to the fact that Robin was ‘jonesin’ for some diet coke.  Burgers on the grill were paired with some mouth watering potato salad tonight. Return a few phone calls, a short after dinner walk and the mind prepares for entertainment from the house of Sony.  So far, the retirement journey is finding me adapting quite well.  GL

3 Responses to So Far, So Good

  1. Donna

    Looks like the RV life is moving along!! You both look good-happy and rested. And as long as you don’t lose your mind you will be OK!! Just check with Robin so you know where stuff is!!!

  2. Debbie

    Ahh, sounds like the good life to me……….we may be joining you…….trouble at the mine, O2 behind the seals has caused a work stoppage, so Jimmy has the day off, and has to call in everyday to see if he’s supposed to work……..may be a Red Jeep pulling in beside you!

  3. larry

    We’d just love to have you. Can’t imagine how much fun that would be. Call us.

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