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Pre-game Preparation

Posted by on February 1, 2009

Started the morning in the jacuzzi to get the blood moving to the joints.  Breakfast and then it’s off to Camping World to pick up a few items and then on to Walmart to procure goodies for the game.  Seems to be on our minds more than the neighbors down here although its seems as if the fowl are prepared, reflecting the colors of the home team. But then again, are these pelicans some of the ugliest critters you’ve ever laid eyes upon. 


2 Responses to Pre-game Preparation

  1. Food Vigilante

    Larry, those birds are black and gold. Some of the most beautiful birds I have ever laid eye on. Ugly red cardinals should hope to be so eye catching! Go STEELERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Debbie

    Not Steeler Colors, but, to a birdwatcher they’re beautiful…….looks like you’re enjoying yourselves already! GO STEELERS !

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