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Northern Lights or Cannuck Hospitality

Posted by on February 23, 2009


the-kelleys1 Cherie Kelley and her husband Warren love their Harleys, traveling and tinkering with them and good company.  We met these lovely northern neighbors last week at the Valentines Party. Since then we’ve become fast friends with these Cannucks and find them genuine and interesting.  Both the Kelleys are recent retirees after a career in the Canadian military and make their home in Edmonton, Calgary. Saturday afternoon we rode with them fixinthe-tankwhile Dan the man worked on our water heater.  We found our dual propane/electric unit wasn’t working in the AC mode. After several attempts by the resident RV doctor, Robin finally relented and we called in a mobile service.  It was found that the element had burned out so regardless of our efforts, we couldn’t have done much good alone. So off it was to Dunnellon on the bikes to sightsee and have a late lunch.  Dunnellon is a quaint little town full of antique harboring abodes and homes turned into boutiques full of “stuff”.  I was in places where I had never seen so much stuff in my life like this.

dunellonshopIt was however, and enjoyable afternoon and what a great feeling to have the warm air beat against our faces as the GoldWing weaved down country roads shouldered by one horse farm after another. Arriving back at the RV resort, we bid each other a great night, only to be invited to a cookout on Saturday at the Kelleys as they were hosting old NATO colleagues.
The next afternoon, Warren proved to be the quintessential grillmaster, ala Bobby Flay , the throwdown master, as his pork tenderloin was mouth watering and Cherie proved to be a hostess not to be outdone.  Allow me to intoduce you to Janet on the left, Cherie, our host,  thegirlsMrs. GypsyLarry (Robin) and Barbara, three of our newfound friends. We shared stories and pasts and laughs and great food and the camaraderie was at its best. But the celebrity of the affair had to be the appearance of Jennifer Anniston, shown here in front of the Kelley’s motorhome while Brutus playfully taunts Mr. Professor, their cat.

aniston2As you can see, he was totally oblivious to being in the prescence of a celebrity. You did pay attention to me, didn’t you?  I said Jennifer Aniston.… of Friends fame, here, right in front of me at a frends’ cookout. I have a knack of being in the right place at the right time.  Now just in case you’re paying attention here and reading this entire blog, the young lady in question is Angela Wilson. She is the daughter of Janet, pictured above and Billy Wilson, a body man via Scotland and Virginia, and now Ocala. I just wanted to see if you only looked at the photos or were actually reading this blog.

Today was spent making minor repairs, tightening bolts and nuts, and cruising the largest flea market I have ever attended. Tomorrow we prepare to pack this site in preparation to move south toward Boca Raton and  meet up with relatives from Long Island. GL

5 Responses to Northern Lights or Cannuck Hospitality

  1. Debbie

    Hey, I READ your blogs, then I look at your pictures….Brutus is looking quite handsome these days! Ron King says Hi! Will be coming your way soon.

  2. larry

    Tell Ron to look me up or give me a call. Would like to see him if we’re in the vicinity. Thanks for reading the site and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the comments. Love ya

  3. Ryan

    She does look like Jennifer Aniston…kinda. She looks more like Angela Wilson.

  4. Donna

    All 3 of you look healthy,wealthy and wise!! While we miss you two adults you know our hearts are pining away for Brutus. It’s just not the same without him Luv ya

  5. Anonymous

    i would rather see more photos of this lookalike than linked to chubby photos of the celeb

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