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Food, Wine, and Stories

Posted by on February 27, 2009

giving-adviceI almost always give good advice. If I don’t know something to be true, I’ll usually not state it. I give it often to my children, much to their dismay. I have given it to colleagues and co-workers in hopes of making their lives a little better. I’ll even offer it to a copper statue of a poet in a park, knowing that he won’t listen either.  But as much as this is doled out in earnest, I find that I neither listen or heed my own advice often enough. And I don’t know why that is. Perhaps it’s my own insecurity or shortcomings. Maybe not. The reason is not so important as the lack of heeding it.

I spent the past three days in Boca Raton with an aunt. She moved from Long Island eight years ago and I’ve only seen her at one wedding and the obligatory funerals in the recent past. Being but a short four hours away, the trek proved to be worthwhile. I heard stories from my past and childhood days that I was unaware of. There were great memories repeated and newfound knowledge that has left me a different person. (I believe I just made a major faux pas of the written word.  I ended a sentence with the word of. I think that’s a dangling participle.  Now there’s a great word……participle.  We’ll discuss this at a later date).

I understand myself a bit better for having spent time with her. And then there was the food. It was splayed before our eyes almost incessantly. Aunt Sophie is one of those people that get joy from constantly feeding you when you visit with her. And I indulged to the point where I feel miserable. The homecooking was too good to pass upon and now I’m paying dearly for it. But I haven’t had an Italian cappuccino with a spritz of Amorreto in some time.  I fear the scale on ‘morrows new light. Which brings me around to not heeding my own advice. I sent this out today to friends:

The Real Secrets To Staying Young Are

Stop Eating So Much……….Make Love………..Use Your Brain……….Pour Yourself Some Merlot……….Lose the Muffin Top……….Eat More Plants

You would think I would listen to this. It’s good advice. Not why can’t I do that. Perhaps I’ll start to feel better.

2 Responses to Food, Wine, and Stories

  1. Debbie

    Glad you’re back on, I find there’s nothing better to bring you down to earth than a visit to your past, and being fed by it…….look at our elders, they cooked, they ate well, they loved each other, and for the most part with our beloved Dad’s , your Mom, and Uncle Lloyd, have lived long, and enjoyable lives, but, endured all the obligatory weddings and funerals…… wonder what the moral is……I think it should be live each day like it may be your last, and love whole heartedly the ones your with………

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