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Two Guys Who Allow Me to Roam

Posted by on January 26, 2009

Well, the fulltime adventure has finally begun.  We pulled out of here much later than we thought due to the immense amount of material that we thought we had to take with us.  Robin has taken enough clothes to clothe a small army, but I bear with her as I know this will diminish as time passes.  Nevertheless, we couldn’t have made this journey without the help of two great friends.

Meet Bob Jones, here on the left, owner of Jones RV Sales and Service, and his number one  do-it-all guy, Jim Polk on the right.

bobjonesjimpolk I have had the pleasure of knowing Bob for about the past  ten years or so.  Bob and his wife Linda own Jones RV  Sales and Service.  Bob has elevated from master  mechanic to entrepreneur with a conscience. His work  and dedicated time with the Shriners is only exceeded by    his good nature. Not only is the work done there first rate  but the costs are quite reasonable. So if you ever need  work done on your RV or supplies while on location in  the tri-state area of PA, Ohio, or WV, you have to look up  Jones RV on Gypsy Drive in Eighty Four, PA. Yes, you  read it correct, the town is called 84, just like the lumber  company. Jim Polk, is Bob, do it all, take care of everything guy. He has helped me learn so much about taking care of my rig. Not only does he aid and assist me  at the shop but I can’t count the number of times I’ve  called Jim at home while on the road and say, “Hey Jim, it’s Larry and what the hell do I do with this gizmo and where is the shut off valve for that thingy and why isn’t my generator charging my batteries and do I need the inverter on or not”.  And he’s always lent a positive and funny ear to work me out of my problems. I’m sure when our call is ended he looks at his wife, shaking his head, telling her he can’t believe what inane questions I ask of him about my own rig.  I don’t know what I”d do without these two great friends who have rescued me many times.

Since we left so late on Friday, we only made a four hour trip to southern West Virginia.  A large truck stop called Tamarack, which houses the coal museum and everything wonderful about the state, was our home for the evening. Up early the next day and on to Raleigh to make a stop to see daughter Erin. So here we are in North Carolina with unseasonably cool weather with temperatures in the low 40’s.  But from what I hear we escaped Pittsburgh at the right time with a friend’s phone call telling me temps there are in the teens and several inches of snow expected to fall this evening. I am grateful for my state of affairs.

2 Responses to Two Guys Who Allow Me to Roam

  1. Debbie

    Good to hear you’re OK and on your way. I’m sure you’ll be as glad to see Erin as she is to see you. It’s 23 degrees here with probably 4 inches of snow on the ground and calling for 4 – 6 more plus freezing rain then more snow…….I envy your snowbird voyage! Be well, give Erin, Robin and Brutus a big hug for me. Love to you all.

  2. Food Vigilante

    Envious of your freedom! I would like to talk to you about the storing, cooking and eating practices on an RV. Best of luck on your journey! FV

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