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Trying To Leave

Posted by on January 19, 2009

coldoutside It’s been damn cold outside with the wind chill hovering below O for several of days hastening the task of packing the RV. But with this  break in temps (25 today) we’re back to packing every few hours. It’s hard to imagine all the things we accumulate of the years, some  being used daily and some not used for months or even years. But we’re down to five days now. Yes, on Friday we begin our fulltime trek  and a life that we’ve been talking about for years. The Goldwing was fitted today for the wheel chock and the tie-downs, as well as the  Wrangler, both of them being towed behind us. I’ve made numerous trips to the local consignment store, Goodwill Industries, and to the  storage unit that we’re renting from U-Haul. Along with this, people have been coming to the house buying things left and right that  we’re not leaving.  Thank you craigslist! We haven’t sold the house, didn’t think we would in this market but we’ve leased it for a period  of time to two lovely young people from Houston, Texas.  This is a good feeling knowing it won’t sit idle.  

 Number one son hosteled down here this week while working in Pittsburgh. But he had to return to New Jersey on Sunday for a couple of  days as he was growing heartsick for Carolyn, the love of his life.  He tried to tell me it was business, but I know it was shady business. You know, the under the cover kind of business that he was lusting for.  Robin picks him up again at the airport tomorrow to finish the business that puts food on the table. It’s good to have him home for a few days. It give me a chance to workout, cleaning the messes he makes, fixing his meals and also allows me to lecture once again, something I’ve missed since the kids left home and Robin tunes out my rants most of the time. I have a few things to tidy up at work this week and in the meantime we’ll be packing clothes, kitchen goods and staples.  The most difficult task of all this is saying goodbye to close friends and family.  Our dear and wonderful couple, Chris and Jay had a delightful dinner this evening that we shared with Tom and Sharalyn and exchanged laughs, stories and hilarities, along with some of my more outrageous claims. We’ll miss them dearly.  Heading for Florida initially we will relay the sunshine report to them on a weekly basis, something that we rarely see here in the hinterlands of western PA. This past weekend was spent entertaining family and trying to explain that we really did want to live in four hundred square feet with one another for a good while. So it’s off to do more packing. The days go by so quickly and Friday will be here before you know it. A new life has begun.

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  1. Debbie

    Tick, tock, hard to believe your departure is so near…….was so good to see you all on Saturday, like the winter fix……..I wish you well, and days filled with joy and sunshine on your new adventure……and look forward to reading your blogs……….you guys are slawys in my heart………

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