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Super Bowl Buzz

Posted by on January 22, 2009

snowman1como21 You can imagine all the hubbub going on around these parts with the Pittsburgh Steelers making their seventh, yes (7th) trip  to the Super Bowl and seeking their sixth, yes (6th) Lombardi Trophy.  Not only the snowmen are adorned for the festivities  but in downtown Canonsburg, the home of the one and only Perry Como, even he was attired appropriately. He’s somewhat  famous here and I’m not really sure why that is.  I’m not that old but I don’t recall him as a chart stopper but he did have one  mellow voice. Guess I’m just dating myself. The temps are still in the single digits and snow is everywhere, and yes, we are still  packing to hit the road on Friday. Where in the hell did all this stuff come from?  What to take, what not to take?  And then  there is the sentimentality of some of it. You think the kids will want this someday? Well hell no, they don’t want it now, why  would they later.  Can you imagine packing a three bedroom house into four hundred square feet of rolling down the highway  steel.  This is much more difficult than I imagined. But we’ll get done. A couple of hours tomorrow morning and we hit the  road. It will be truly, the first day of the rest of our lives, or this lifestyle anyway.

One Response to Super Bowl Buzz

  1. Debbie

    No, Larry, I truely can’t imagine, but it sounds like an amazing adventure. But, that’s always how you and Robin have lived… I guess it shouldn’t surprise me, huh? You always moved a little farther away, but, you were always grounded……now you’re mobile, and the wind is at your backs……….so sail on, just don’t forget where you came from and visit occasionally! Love you guys………Be well.

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