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21 Days and On the Road Again

Posted by on January 4, 2009

A good day to make some vital preparations for our fulltiming experince.  Priorities take precedent over nefarious needs.  Workout equipment, golfing needs, and motorcycle gear seem to be at the top of our list.  Robin has been laughing at me as I talk about packing at least some time every day.  Now she has realized that we’re less than three weeks away from our venture south.  I spent the morning preparing and packing the golfing needs, and establishing a set which I will give to Ryan (son).  Robin was upstairs somewhere running one of her many collected vacuum cleaners.  Worried that I may be having too much fun, she joined me as I was finishing up and I noticed she had her Nike face on.  I knew I was in trouble now.  You know the Nike face. “Just do it!”  So she had the idea that we go to the garage and start to prepare items for packing the RV.  Now the two car garage can only fit one vehicle as the right side sits holding crates and plastic boxes of items that need to be placed in the trailer and/or RV.  While we were doing this, the Nike look took hold again and she decided she should wash the Jeep.  When she washes a vehicle that means that soon sure enough I’ll be drafted into this venture as well.  But I shouldn’t complain. Afterall, we now have a clean Toad,  all the gear and clothing is packed into the Gold Wing for any motorcycle trip and ready to go, and all extraneous gear, including fishing and golfing equipment sits ready to move into the RV units.  Thank you Nike, for that face on my wife and making me “just do it.” There was still enough time to watch the NFL playoffs and do some reading, and return emails until Robin nodded off, missing the sudden death of the San Diego- Indy game.�

2 Responses to 21 Days and On the Road Again

  1. Debbie

    I’ve seen the “Nike Face”, does she lease that out?

  2. larry

    I think she pretty much has a patent on that one, but if you can get it from her, I’ll pay your fare.

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