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Internet Business Trek

Posted by on December 16, 2008

geeseflying.jpgAs the geese following the leader on their sojourn south, we homo sapiens tend to follow leaders with great ideas, whether they be good for us or not.  Today we attended a seminar.  We have both been looking into the possibility of engaging in some sort of on-line business whereby we can take the edge off this cutting economy.  We have been looking into the drop shipping arena and don’t know enough about it yet to get started.  So, we attended a workshop today brought to us by Stores Online.  We met with them last week and for only $25 per month they would establish and website for us utilizing and e-commerce business account.  We felt that price was more than fair.  Today’s conference proved a bit different.  You do get the license agreement for them to host a site for that price. However, the technical support, , the training, the software package, the tutorials were a bit higher……to the tune of $6400 per year.  Imagine that.  Just a warning for you out there wanting to start your own business.  There’s money to be made, surely there is.  But there’s also money to be made from you if you succumb to marketing pressures.  The weather is again reminding us that winter is here in the Mid Atlantic area.  I looked out my backdoor this morning to a beautiful sight but knew it would put a damper on travel plans.  I must admit when a newly fallen snow comes our way it does good for the soul.  It’s so pure and clean and just seems to put a smile on your face.  The only trouble is that it doesn’t last long enough.  The walk around the lake today however, proved a serene and quiet as the only sounds that could be heard were the wind and the snow crunching below.  Countdown to Florida is now at 38 days. Booyah!bridge-at-lake.jpgbackyard.jpg

2 Responses to Internet Business Trek

  1. Michael Lockridge

    Over the last twenty years or so I have looked into business “opportunities.” Most of them are the opportunity for someone else to “train” me for a fee. The next level always costs more, and if you really want to make the money you need the next level.

    Sometimes lottery tickets look like the better investment.


  2. GypsyLarry

    You’re right Mike. I think we should probably go into the business ourselves. Afterall, we are experts in the field of BS so what do we have to lose except some time.

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