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I Love Craigslist

Posted by on December 5, 2008

Much of this past week has been spent winding down and preparing our mindset for the bowels of winter. Well as much of it as we have to contend with up here.  Our plans areto pull out by the third week in January and head for sunny Florida.  However, we’re finding there are a lot of things to rid ourselves of prior to the journey.  The stix and brix pad is still on the market, and I’m sure with this economic setback settling in on all of us, it may be there for sometime.  But just in case we get a buyer while we’re on the road, we don’t want to have to come back and move a mountain of furniture.  Welcome craigslist.  I don’t know if any of you have taken advantage of this service. But its effective and best of all its free.  All you have to do is register, (username and password) and then list your items for sale by category.  It’s also a great advantage to download a jpeg onto the ad so your prospective buyers can actually see what you have for sale. I was surprised to see how fast it works as well.  Let me give you an example. On Wednesday I posted ads for our Chevy Avalanche truck,  a spinning bike,  a golf bag, end tables and coffee table, some prints, an oil painting, and a camera.  Within two days the bike, furniture, oil painting are gone and we have a few extra thousand in the bank account.  I have two gentleman coming tomorrow that seem very interested in the truck.  Now you have to realize that you’re asking price has to be reasonable for the items but the amount of traffic seeing your ads is unbelievable.  The truck is something we dearly hate to part with but while we’re fulltiming, there’s really no reason to have it sit idle in a garage.  We’ll be housing the Jeep as well as the Gold Wing in an enclosed Classis 26′ trailer, which brings my total length to 70′.  I’ll feel much like the road warriors bringing supplies to a nation of consumers while tooling down the road.  Can you hear Jerry Garcia harmonizing to ‘Truckin” in the background?It was a good day today.  Spent much of it running errands, taking measurements in the motorhome as we’re wanting some new slide-out wired cabinet shelves. Then it was off to Lowry’s Western wear to check out the boots and “hoop dee doo revue” garb. No, I’m not making fun of cowboys or western wear at all.  I just felt totally out of my element in there.  But then again, we’ve been told if we’re going to live in North Dakota for any length of time, we better look the part.  In case I failed to mention it, we signed a contract to work at the Bully Pulpit Golf Course in Medora, ND for the summer months.  I’ll be working as a starter/ player assistant and Robin will be working the cash register and parlaying goods to the duffers that wander the badlands adjacent to Teddy Roosevelt National Park.  I can’t wait to see her in a mini skirt accompanied by a pair of cowboy boots.  Could life get any better?Later we stopped by Shorty’s for a couple of hot dogs.  You see, I’m a connoisseur of hot dogs and will travel this country far and wide to sample some of the best dawgs in the world.  Someday I’d love to write a book on this. But in the meantime, I’ll settle for breaking my quest to subdue meat from my diet for a Shorty’s dawg anytime.  The are absolutely the best I have sampled to this point in time. Most people fail to realize the part of the essence of a great hot dog is the quality of the bun.  But I digress far too long.  Off to Dicks Sporting Goods to salivate over some new golf equipment and then to Lowe’s because Robin has to get her fix window shopping for tools.  Yes, I still love her even though she does much of the manly things around here.  Then it was time to get back home as we had a couple that telephoned and stated they wanted to come and purchase some furniture…….. I do have a new affinity for craigslist.  Hopefully the positive sales will continue and we’ll not have to rent storage for things left upon our departure next month. 

4 Responses to I Love Craigslist

  1. Debbie

    I’ll have to check out Craig’s List, have heard, but, never been, Chris uses it all the time. Sounds like you’re getting things all ready to launch…..won’t be long til it’s wheels up : )

  2. Michael Lockridge

    Craig’s List is great, but plan for flakes. A lot of people make appointments to see stuff (even free stuff) and don’t show up.

    Of course, it doesn’t help that our house is difficult to locate. Still, you can see it clearly on Google Maps. Sigh.

    Craig’s List is a phenomenal thing, and quite useful. My son has largely furnished his home on free Craig’s List stuff, and it’s not shoddy or completely worn stuff.

    Good luck on the ND thing. Sounds great. And how fortunate to have a partner with a hardware addiction. It should make shopping easier, and so handy!


  3. larry

    Thanks for the comment. I haven’t posted in a bit and that’s a combination of not much going on here but then after reading you, you inspire me. There’s always something to write about. I just have to remember that and put my thoughts on paper. Thanks again and continue your great work.

  4. Craig Senno

    Hey, I tried to email you regarding this submit but can’t seem to reach you. Please email me when get a moment. Thanks.

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