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Thanks for such Giving Hosts

Posted by on November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Day down here in Raleigh was much kinder weather-wise than back in the clouds of western Pennsylvania.  I started out with a brisk walk with Brutus and came upon a wetlands that proved a bit interesting.   img_4099a.jpgWe watched a blue heron for some time and snapped a few shots until Brutus spooked it.

Upon returning back to Erin’s we began preparing ourselves as well as the goodies that we were taking with us as we were invited to a dinner at Erin’s friends who happen to live over in Durham. It was a trip of about forty five minutes but it was quite pleasant. The sun was shining intensely and by noon the temperature was in the low 60’s.  I reveled in the scenery as we approach John and Tina’s house as the setting was both country and pastoral. It reminded me much of places the kids had grown up. Almost immediately we felt  extemely comfortable there.  John’s father came in from Michigan and we had a wonderful meal, all fixed by John Jr. himself. The turkey was done to perfection, the mashed potatoes succulent. Complimented with corn and stuffing, cole slaw, broccoli casurole, veggies, and dip you had to be of stern disposition if you didn’t stuff yourself.  The food was too good not to. Here’s a photo of our gracious hosts and John’s father.

img_4108a.jpgAnother member of Erin’s intimate group, Josh, and the entire Shriner family came in from Asheville to join us for dessert.  Again there was too much food with an array of pies, cakes, and cookies, not to mention the imbibing of beverages.  Now let the games begin.  It was a round robin tournament of Euchre which we all engaged in for a few hours. Ultimately the ringers (Shriners) won the day hands down. It’s always those quiet ones that make you believe they have no idea how to play that skunk you for all your worth, isn’t it?  For some odd reason I was blatantly accused of cheating. Can you imagine that? But the best part of the entire card playing stint was being interrupted by shots of Jagermeister, which provided for a great attitude adjustment. Now off to rest to deal with the ravages of Black Friday.  I’m sure this will be another noteworthy roadtrip.

One Response to Thanks for such Giving Hosts

  1. Papa John

    Hi Larry & Robin!
    It’s John’s father here…..
    I got your blog link from John (Jr) and was surprised to see the photo of us 3 that you took on Thanksgiving. And very flattered to be included in your text as well. I was nervous meeting you all, but it was all unfounded as I felt like I knew you both for years. You are both easy and fun people, and I hope we can meet up again in the future. I can see where Erin gets her joyful fun-loving personality! 🙂 Lots of love in your family!
    I wish you both well with all things medical, and hope you really enjoy your days traveling around the country. I envy your life “on the road”. 🙂 I’m glad we met!!!
    Warmest regards,
    John (Papa)

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