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Posted by on October 18, 2008

It was said of me this past week that I’m the most impulsive person one has seen.  Sometimes true but that’s not me all the time.  But I do find myself vaccillating from one choice to another quite often.  Here’s an instance and maybe you can help me out with this one.  I have been perusing periodicals and the net for workamper positions for the past month or so.  The consulting stint that I”m now doing could last until late winter or I could end it in the next month or so.  The choice is really mine.  Now comes the dilemma.  This week we were offered a job in Eureka, Califormia, almost on the border with Oregon. At Klamath Ranch Resort we would find ourselves being hosts in a new and growing facility located on a river full  of trout and steelhead. In several conversations with the owner, we realized the amenities were far greater than your average RV resort and at nine dollars per hour this job pays a bit higher than most campgrounds.  After conversations with Robin and I he warmly offered us the positions, wanting us to be there in mid November working there at least for the coming year.  One of the most difficult things in life is choices.  And as I grow older you would think they become easier but that’s not the case here.  Unless it’s just me…….the great vaccilator.  So here we go again, into the compare and contrast mode searching for reasons to go now, pitted against those that hold us fast. Packing up the supplies, readying the stick house for winter, deciding to put it on the market or not in this depressing economy and leaving friends and family on a moments notice……these are some of the thoughts we’re weighing.  There’s the gypsy part of me that says let’s go now.  Make the decision and stick to it.  It’s good to be scared. Then there’s the left brain that says one more season will pay financial dividends that will lead to even more months on the road without having to workkamp.  So for right now, after considerable thought, we will winter in the stick house.  But then again, that decision may not last for more than a week or so, you never know.

2 Responses to Vaccillating

  1. Melissa

    I say GO…I just resigned a couple weeks ago from a Company that I loved and enjoyed for 9 years…but it was time for a change…so I took a leap of faith and left(which completely shocked everyone)…now I am with a new company and these are very exciting times for my career. In today’s environment with the internet, cell phones and web conferencing, it really doesn’t matter how far away one lives from family and friends…they are NEVER out of touch!!! Go enjoy yourselves…time is a precious gift.

  2. Debbie

    Sounds like a beutiful place to live and work, but, oh so far away……’s been good having you both home, but, your hearts will make them for you.

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