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Wet Friday Alters the Golfing

Posted by on September 13, 2008

The past two days have been relatively uneventful.  Bicycling and walking always on the daily menu as I continue to battle the bulge in the midsection in preparation for what may be around the bend.  Friday morning my friend Tom McDonald picked me up for a round of golf. The bad weather didn’t seem to dampen our spirits, nor did the fact that it was so foggy that we couldn’t even see the first tee as we drove into the parking lot.  Sprinkling dictated that we remain in the car for a few moments to wait it out.  Ahhh!, The conversation of two grown men, probably no different than two women, although we don’t see it as gossip. To us, it’s sharing and exchanging ideas and information. How full of ourselves are we?  A half hour later and the rains were coming now in a steady stream and we decided to call it a morning, prior to even getting the clubs out of the car.  This wasn’t to be a wasted morning, however.  We drove to Sandy B’s at the intersection of routes 519 and 980 for breakfast.  There’s nothing I like more than a new ‘greasy spoon’. In fact, I told Robin that we should make a pact to visit a new diner, dive, greasy spoon each Friday. It’s just something I like to do.  Sandy B’s proved to be a great choice. Where can you get two eggs, two Italian toasts, a heaping help of home fries and coffee for under $4. I loved the place. The only downside was the menus were small.  Not being able to see well at our age, Tom had to excuse himself to the car to pick up some cheaters. You all know cheaters, dont’ you?  Those are those cheap glasses that you get at Sam’s club or the local drug store that allow you to read without extending your arms as far as they can.  Back to the ranch to spend the rest of the day with Ryan, our son. He’s here on business and staying with us.  He gives me rise to try new and different recipes on his healthy appetite.  I love him visiting with mom and dad.

2 Responses to Wet Friday Alters the Golfing

  1. Donna

    We always end up at the PIKE INN. So now we have a new place to try. Thanks for the info and also for the computer tutorial. We’ll see how I do.

  2. Debbie

    Nancy and I were eating a healthy breakfast at the CB , enjoying it immensely, and were busted by the Weight Watcher patrol, LOL, just sucked the life out of the French Toast with fresh blackberry sauce…will have to check out your new place!

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