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Posted by on September 5, 2008

I was often under the impression that a consultant’s position was something unnecessary.  That is, until I became one.  I won’t bore you with the duties and daily machinations regarding my position.  It would appear mundane to the normal person.  Most of it centers around building new facilities at this time, budget contraints, and the never ending task of achievement scores and productivity.  What amazes me most is that there is a need for a consultant at all.  The reasons behind this is in large part due to a lack of common sense,  the inability to make a decision, and the intestinal fortitude to withstand the pressures once the decision is made.  I imagine I should revel in this.  It keeps me in additional income.  But the altruistic part of me is concerned at the shortcomings of the American business arena.  I  read a quote on a wall yesterday that went something like this.  SUCCESS— is achieved when you expect more than people want to give, dream bigger than most people can think of, and risk more than others are willing to offer.  There you have it, it doesn’t take much for success.  Just venting here today.

3 Responses to SUCCESS?

  1. donna

    As my official title includes the word “consultant” I can definitely relate to your sentiments. Consulting does keep me employed although. See you in the backyard!

  2. Debbie

    You may be a “consultant” now, but, you should take pride in the success you’ve had in everything you’ve done over the years, the souls you’ve shaped, and the lives you’ve changed just by knowing you………that’s success.

  3. Eric

    I would say you’re an expert – to be considered and asked to consult good for you! Great way to look at success. Thanks always for the motivation.

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