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Signs, Signs, Everywhere are signs…..

Posted by on September 8, 2008

I spent a large part of last week on a quest in search of another motorcycle.  After having ridden my fourth trial run I was more confused than ever.  But life seems to smile on me somehow.  I always seem to receive a sign, an omen, a heads-up if you will that reverses any mental strain and puts things in either perspective or puts me on the right track.  I was just left the last vendor and headed out onto the main highway slowly lollygagging behing a slow moving vehicle.  Seeing a red light up ahead I decided to stay put and just follow this car through the traffic light until I could get around it.  Just as we passed through the light I observed another cyclist in my mirror behind me signal into the left hand lane.  I had to stay put.  We rode side by side for several hundred yards as the traffic was a bit heavy.  Cresting a hill he decided to go on ahead and I just cruised and watched everything in front of me.  However, right there in front of us was a driver that decided without notice that he was going to do a U-turn on a major highway.  Yikes!!!


Squealing wheels, rubber burning and a calamity of steel all rolled through my mind in what seemed a nano second.  Stopping on a dime, the first driver created a chain reaction which resulted in the motorcycle rider next to me having to put his bike down.  It was either that or he would have ended up in the rear windshield.  I watched as he flew off the bike and started to somersault into the median strip.

bikewreck2.jpg His bike, however, careened into my lane and I had to quickly look into the mirror to find a place to quickly pull off to the right.  I dismounted and headed to the injured biker, calling 911 and seeing if I could be of assistance to him.  It wasn’t long before the police, ambulance, and firetrucks were on the scene.  Thank goodness the rider turned out with minor injuries and all seemed well. However, my quest for a new bike has seemed to fade into the background. I think I’ll just keep what I have for the time being and be extra careful out there.


One Response to Signs, Signs, Everywhere are signs…..

  1. Debbie

    My worst fear when you guys are riding, the other guys that are not paying attention, or going too fast……….glad you’re OK……..

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