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Caterpillar Oil Woes

Posted by on September 3, 2008

Our RV had to be moved about twenty feet to allow another RV to pass thru where we were positioned.  A bit of a hassle but I will go out of my way to help someone out.  As I started the engine I noticed the oil pressure guage climbed steadily until it went over the 100 mark. It wasn’t but a few seconds later that my oil filter blew off and I lost twenty-four quarts of oil.  Now am I the luckiest man in the world or what? Imagine what would have happened if we had been going down the road at a decent speed. I probably wouldn’t have known this happened and by the time I did, bearings would have burnt and I just can’t imagine the towing and repair bill that would soon follow.   This is the second time of such and occurrence. Previously, it happened back in March as we took the RV out of storage and were about to embark in our first full time adventure.  Luckily for me again, we weren’t on the road.  What are the chances that this happens twice within a seven month period and I am out of harm’s way.  I do have a guardian angel resting on my shoulder.  Long story short here.  We were able to replace the filter and drive the rig to the nearest Caterpillar service center as I have the C9 400hp Cat engine. Another lucky day for me. This work is all under warranty. And just a warning out there.

This isn’t a recall or anything to be alarmed but the Caterpillar people did tell us of such occurrences in this engine. You just may want to check if you’re rig is so equipped.  All was not lost however.


Upon the return back to home base I found two new friends frolicking at the feeder. Mr. Finch was doing his best at bulking up for the ensuing fall season while another visitor was squirreling away nuggets for the family in anticipation of their winter sojourn.


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  1. Debbie

    What did I tell you about someone watching out for you, glad all is well, and you’re still RV’ing along…..hello Mr. Finch and Chipper……..

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