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They Say You Can't Go Home…..

Posted by on August 16, 2008

….but that’s not necessarily the case.  As I stated a week ago, we’ve returned to our stick house to take care of some business and to recoup a little cash to carry on our efforts of fulltiming.  Our neighbors have to be the best in the world as they threw a surprise ‘Welcome Back’ party with a ‘trailer trash’ theme. What’s up with that?trailer-people.jpg Our friends have heard the trial and tribulations, the ups and downs, the surgeries and the miseries that we encountered for the first five months of our initial venture, and I believe they felt a little sympathetic toward us.  That’s nice thinking but the real truth here is that the people on this street will find any excuse to throw themselves a party.  That’s Neil in the photo, crooning us all with his velvet voice that could make Canonsburg, PA  forget both Bobby Vinton and Perry Como.  You have to check out the photos in the picasa web album to the left of the blog to get the in-depth perception of these sick individuals.jaybird.jpg  The food was great, the spirits even better but as I reflect back on what I’ve learned after being on the road it’s this.  One’s health, after all is tantamount, but right up there with that is the camaraderie of good friends.  In mid life and later, they actually become your family. I’m sure all those bottle on the table made a great time even better and the karaoke machine made pseudo stars of us all. But as you gaze at the players you can almost feel the warmth that exuded amongst this close knit group. �

One Response to They Say You Can't Go Home…..

  1. Debbie

    That’s your home, and they’re you’re family, looks like you’re having a great time, even Brutus……….

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