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Riding the Rails

Posted by on August 26, 2008

I’m often a pretty upbeat person.  I have a great many friends as a result frank.jpgof that.  But sometimes I find myself getting depressed lately without cause.  And after much introspection, I believe it’s due to the unknown.  By that I’m meaning my status as to the brain surgery.  Tomorrow is the scheduled Petscan whereby they will search my body for any cancer, head to toe.   I just await results and the scheduling of the tumor that must be removed from the brain.  That’s the uncertainty. I want to get this over with.  So to combat this, I’ve started back to bicycling along with daily trips to the gym to try and prepare my body the best I can for the inevitable.  I found a new riding partner also that’s pushing me and reintroducing me to lactic acid.  Meet Frank, retiree extraordinaire. Every chance we get we do a short stint of fourteen miles and I find that the best medicine for any nervous anticipation or depression.  Frank is teaching me the nuances and many of the aspects of how to retire and not feel guilty.  The consultation stint that I’m doing calls for only four hours a day and I have to find meaning to fill the remaining hours.  I’m doing my best with the cycling, laying by the pool, putzing with the RV, and visiting the gym. Next week, we’ll attempt our hand at the craps tables as that’s a new endeavor that I’m looking forward to learning.

3 Responses to Riding the Rails

  1. Lewis Mullen

    I was at the retirement party for Dennis Davis (part owner of the Selma News) last Friday. Another one of your good buddies Tony Tetterton (RV Camping) was there also.
    We were talking about your upcoming sugary and came to a consensus. You are a good guy, and God takes care of good guys. So keep that good attitude and get well soon. You are in our prayers.
    Your good buddies from Selma.


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  2. larry

    I often tell my children to go and attend events, travel, and introduce yourself to new people. You will never know when you meet someone that will change your life for the positive. You three are such men. I learned from all of you and my life is better for making your acquaintance. Please share this with Tony and Dennis.

  3. Debbie

    You have a warrior’s heart and determination, the loving heart of a husband, father, brother, son, and a friend to all you meet……..I didn’t know your Father well, but, you are a mirror image of him, and he was always very kind to me, and my family, and I love you like a brother……….and all our prayers are with you daily.

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