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Preparing for Brain Surgery

Posted by on August 9, 2008

Yes, here I am in my ‘doo rag‘ in preparation.  I know it doesn’t become me and I know that but here’s the reason for it’s adornment atop my head.  Last fall, I beat throat cancer.  Although my voice has been altered somewhat, after going under the knife five times between September and January, I’m cancer free and living the good life.  But during what is know as a Petscan, they found a tumor on the left side of my cerebellum.  It was watched and monitored over the past year.  It has grown. At this time we, nor any neurosurgeons, are sure of its composition; only that its growing and changing.  If left alone it will continue its growth and press on other parts of the brain and become symptomatic.  At this time I have no symptoms. However, I’m extremely angered that this has happened to me.  doorag.jpg  So to get over this brick wall, I’ve accepted my fate and now have begun to prepare for another battle.  I’m back in the gym trying to get into better shape. I’m anticipating surgery getting me down and I want to face this nemesis head-on.   I know I will lose my hair, not only by shaving it in preparation for surgery but in post-op with an ample dose of radiation.  Henceforth,  I’m wearing this ‘rag’ to the gym and anywhere that’s presentable so when family and friends see me post-surgery, they will already have been visually prepared.  My vanity is exposed.  I’ll beat the tumor, cancerous or not, because my will and my faith are my fiercest allies.  And here I will end discussion of this subject until necessity proves otherwise.  My children have taught me to dwell on negative thoughts, or to befriend negative people is so counterproductive to the good life.  I just wanted to let you all know that if you see me in the ‘doo rag‘ it’s not out of rebelliousness, nor a biker cult, it’s just plain old vanity.�

5 Responses to Preparing for Brain Surgery

  1. Debbie

    I for one like the “Doo Rag”, it looks good on you, your positive attitude, your faith, and the support of your family and friends will keep you strong and healthy.
    And those things you are extremely rich in.

  2. Michael Lockridge

    For three weeks I faced the probability that I had a brain tumor. That was the time between first detection and the follow-up tests. I was fortunate, as the doctor determined that it was not what it first appeared. So, in part, I know a bit of where you are. Not the same, of course. Just a good idea of how you feel.

    You are already a veteran of the cancer wars. I don’t know if that is better, or worse. Green troops are easier to drive into battle, as veterans KNOW what is coming. Yet you exhibit the attitude of a winner. The Doo Rag is a worthy banner.

    Keep us posted. It will let us stand with you in spirit, even at great distance.

  3. danny

    Hey i Think You Look ok in your head dress. main thing is to get well and heck hair always grows back. wanted to let you know our prayers will be going out to you and god works through the hands of doctors and when god is on your side who can be against you. stay postive and before you know it this will be in the past and you will be back up and going strong once again. your friend Danny

  4. larry

    Thank you both for the kind words of empathy and the positive reinforcement. I truly appreciate them

  5. Froggi Donna

    I know the struggle you face…my husband had throat cancer, Keep the faith, my friend, you already know that an positive yet aggressive attitude is a huge help in beating the beast. My thoughts will continue to be with you…and I happen to LIKE bald men with doo rags. So there!!!! Giant Froggi hugs coming your way!

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