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One of those Days

Posted by on August 20, 2008

img_0112.JPGToday was one of those days.  I love the human element and the interaction thereof.  But there are those times when your efforts prove futile and you just shake your head in amazement at the thought process of some people.  Patience is a virtue, but I cannot tolerate stupid and whining.  When decisions are made in the best interest of the organization, it should be that people come to understand the change.  My problem is this.


 I like change.  No, I take that back.  I welcome change.  I relish it.  I actually pursue it.  I believe it is the basis of evolution to a better standard.  However, it takes the common man out of his comfort zone henceforth the beginning of the whining.  I can hope to educate the whiners as to why things need to be this way, but I have come to the conclusion that you cannot fix stupid.  So I seek other avenues of relief. 

img_0005.JPGUsually, forty-five minutes on an eliptical machine will do the trick.  But not today.  After that I took a ten mile bicycle ride to ease my mental weariness.  So I snapped some photos along the way for your enjoyment. I’m sure tomorrow will prove to be much better as I’m the eternal optimist.


Enjoy the photos and have a great day.

2 Responses to One of those Days

  1. Debbie

    Always look forward to your blogs and love your pics……hope it isn’t me that needs to wear the shirt that says…….Thou Shalt Not Whine……….

  2. larry

    No, its not, I was talking about some educators.

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