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Dog Days of August

Posted by on August 21, 2008

brutisriding.jpgEveryday my wife Robin and I take our dog Brutus go for a walk around the local lake. Its a two mile jaunt and the entire path is within the woods and through the trees, making this the most pleasant of trips.  Each time he gets into a car, Brutus just loves to have the wind beat in his face.  So we purchased a set of “doggles” for him at the local PetsMart.

 I was able to snap a photo of him while driving down the road as I caught his reflection in the passenger’s side mirror.  I was not going along on the trip this day as I was being dropped off at the local trailhead on the Montour Rails to Trails.  It was my interest to work up a gdoggles.jpgood sweat on the two-wheeler.  Robin and Brutus went about their merry way to the lake.  As she approached the lake, he became as excited and animated as could be, which is usually the case on a daily basis.  Pretty much the same scenario this day as always; a myriad of people walking their dogs, watching them retrieve sticks and balls floating on the wind swept surface of the lake and just enjoying the beautiful scenery.
lake.jpgIt wasn’t far into this walk that Robin was confronted by two large dogs. Brutus then scampered to her nearby feet for protection and in doing so, came undone from his leash.  This has happened at least a thousand times.  At a whopping seventeen pounds he’s somewhat intimidated by the normal sized dog.  Lo and behold, from around the corner came one of Peters Twp’s finest, his mountain cycle under tow and the riding helmet book-ended the young officer.  He noticed Brutus without his leash and stopped Robin for questioning.  Brutus patiently sat and waited at her feet while the officer listened to Robin’s explanation as to why he was collarless for those few seconds.  Not to be bushwacked by the blonde revolutionist the officer served her with a citation. A menace to society deserves whatever consequences befall her. You would have thought she was the second coming of Ethel Rosenberg.  But the officer was just doing his job.  With break-ins, illicit drugs, drunken drivers, and drive-by shootings all being snuffed out by local law enforcement, it’s now time to go after those leash-less Shitzuhs.

5 Responses to Dog Days of August

  1. Donna

    You would think that you didn’t know anyone in law enforcement. Send Brutus to Neil when h e comes home for consulation. Or would it be ROBIN who needs the consulation?

  2. Debbie

    It’s that maternal instinct coming out…..protect your young………….Brutus was polite, and didn’t growl, he should’ve just been given a warning……….collars slip sometimes………….

  3. Froggi Donna

    Here’s a blog you may enjoy….it you love Shitzuhs.

  4. Maddog

    Quit being a cry baby and pay your frigging ticket!

  5. Civil Villian

    Refer to – break the law, and civilly disobey!

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