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The Simplicity of Camping

Posted by on July 21, 2008

The weekend was somewhat uneventful but nevertheless seemed to go as fast as pre-retirement.  We met a lovely couple Joe and Roberta, from the southern tip of Maryland, and there were camped right behind us.joeroberta.jpg We shared stories and histories over the weekend and chatted about how our camping experiences have changed over the years.  In fact, I’m just not sure it’s camping anymore. The Baker tent of canvas has now been replaced by a 40 foot motorcoach that costs as much as a home today.  The sleeping bags have been exchanged for a queen sized comfort mattress and bed. The propane Coleman now exchanged for a convection/microwave oven while the real oven is being used as a storage place for pots and pans.   (You don’t really think we’re going to bake anything in here, do you)? There are a myriad of other exchanges that I won’t go into now but I’m sure you get the message.  What hasn’t changed however, is the simplicity.  We still yearn every night for a campfire, just to sit and be mesmerized by the wild dances of the flames.  Lying in a lounge chair, curled up with a good book and slowly falling off to a nap hasn’t changed over the years.  And the camaraderie of my wife, my life’s partner, and the many other campers that we meet where we go makes everyday a unique and pleasant experience. Despite the modern conveniences, the technological advances, its still a simple life.  Like putting up a canopy so we can sit outside and eat because the southern sun is too hot.basecamp.jpgSpeaking of heat, this week is going to be the hottest yet down here in the Carolinas.  And guess what, the front air conditioner went out again. You know, this only happens on really hot days.  We’ve called a repairman and he’ll be here sometime later. The only way to beat this heat is to get on the Goldwing and let the wind cool you down a bit as we traverse the countryside.  This trip also gave us a chance to stop at Dick’s as I hadn’t been there in sometime and needed a fix.  Don’t let this picture fool you. She’s still not that well off to drive. I just thought she looked good sitting in my seat. What do you think?robinonbike.jpg  Later that evening, to take advantage of more air conditioning, we went to town with Joe and Roberta. Every Saturday night they open the doors of the Rudy theatre to host the American Music Jubilee here in Selma.  rubytheatre.jpgThe night air had cooled upon exiting the show and we decided to walk around town a bit and just see it here as opposed to how it looks  during the day.town1.jpgHowever, wanting some ice cream, we found that everything had closed down for the evening, despite it being International Date Night (Saturday evening).town2.jpg So we all headed back to the RV campground but I stopped prior to entering as there was a full moon and the shadows and light it cast on the lake in front of the campground was just too scenic to pass up.lake.jpg  I’m sure we’ll be resting in the RV tomorrow, as temperatures head toward record highs.  So back to the simple life of camping; reading, chatting and napping.

14 Responses to The Simplicity of Camping

  1. Melissa

    I just wanted to comment about Robin on the motorcycle…I think she looks happy and looks comfortable being in the front seat! Be safe driving home this weekend!

  2. Melissa

    Hey Larry…I wanted to email you, but didn’t have your address…Ryan hooked me up with a website…check it out… Drop by and visit as often as you want…feel free to email all your canine friends and have them check it out…drive safe back home this weekend…cya.

  3. Joe and Roberta

    Hey Larry and Robin, we are still telling friends about the good time we had with you in NC, looking forward to meeting up with you again one day. Give Brutus a tummy rub for us. Take care and Larry our prayers and thoughts are with you, before you know it you will be back on the road again.
    Keep up your website so we know what you are up to.

  4. larry

    Joe and Roberta, thank you so much. I’m sure our paths will cross again as I will make that happen. I enjoyed your company and what you’ve taught me. The website will continue minus a few days for surgery. Not yet sure when that is planned. Bless you both.

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