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Sweat and Wet to Extremes

Posted by on July 23, 2008

jord_fromair.jpgWoke up this morning to what is going to be another sweltering day. I told Robin we would take a motorcycle trip over to Lake Jordan. It’s only about a 75 mile drive and I thought we could check out the lake, pack some swim suits to cool off the dawgs, have a nice lunch and return later in the afternoon. The whole purpose of the trip would be to let the wind blow into our faces and keep is cool in this 95+ heat. And it all started out as well as could be expected. The drive over was a pleasant one as we hit Route 70 until we exited at Route 42 toward the picturesque village of Fuquay-Varina. Turing up Route 55 we rolled through another quaint little town of Apex, until we found Interstate 64 to the lake. As the mercury rose we didn’t seem to notice as we were able to keep the speedometer around 60. We found Jordan Lake to be quite pleasant, weaving in and about the campsites to check it out for a possible stay at a later date. On the way back we stopped and had a late lunch at IHOP. The food was great as usual. We can eat breakfast just about any time of the day. But upon leaving we were a bit disappointed that we had stopped as the temperature outside was sweltering and the bike seats had become really warm. This didn’t last long though.ridetojordan1.jpg Much to our chagrin the distant sky started to grow grey and then turned to a light black. We secretly hoped that it would hold off for another twenty minutes so we could get back to the RV before the deluge. Robin hates to get wet more than anything. I have so much trouble getting her onto the water rides at any amusement park. Rolling east on Route 70 we could see Selma off in the short distance. But a blackened ceiling hovered over our destination and we could see we were driving directly into the storm. So here we are out for a pleasant ride to escape the heat and we’re about to get dumped on with the opposite end of the spectrum. But as we exited Route 70 and approached Selma we thought that we were going to make it, dancing through raindrops here and there was something we could tolerate. The light on Main St. was green and as I careened through it I knew we were going to make the last four miles undaunted. Lo and behold, after crossing Main St. a burst unloaded on us as if a giant ladle had tipped from the sky dumping more rain in such a short time than I ever remember seeing. It came so hard that I could hardly see and Robin could hear me smiling through the headsets. Knowing our predicament she asked me why I was so tickled with all of this. “It’s because we so miserably soaked, that this will be one of those times that we talk about forever”, I said to her. Totally drenched and uncomfortable upon entering the RV, we looked at one another and just smiled. returnfromjordan.jpg

One Response to Sweat and Wet to Extremes

  1. Debbie

    Great story, we had the same sneaky storm here today……..sorry you got soaked, though…..enjoyed the pictures.

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