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OUCH !!!

Posted by on July 14, 2008

It started out as any normal Sunday. Put on the coffee, watch “Sunday Morning” on CBS and then read a little of the local newspaper.  I talked with my sister Lisa, who now has her own website. If you’re into good food, simple and easy recipes, but an intriguing take on it all, visit her at Later in the morning , daughter Erin called to say she would pay us a visit. She let me know that she hadn’t eaten yet and was starved. I knew that meant that Daddy was taking his girls out for a little Erin picked the Texas Steakhouse down the road.  In fact, Erin always picks the resturant but then I guess that’s what a good dad does.  She did well as not only her burger looked to be excellent but Robin’s choice was just as appetizing as she went with the ribs and ribeye.ribsnsteak.jpg Dinner was followed by a little shopping trip to Target. (Weren’t we just there the other day?) They looked at a lot of things, most of them things they had no intention of buying.  I chose to sample some furniture and see how an easy chair enveloped my pelvis.  Returning to the RV, for some last minute ice cream we made our plans for the week, letting Erin know that we would make the trip to Myrtle Beach on Tuesday for a follow up visit with Robin’s neurosurgeon.  It wasn’t fifteen minutes later that I received a call from my daughter, crying and upset, and my first thoughts were an accident.  My first words were, “are you alright and are you hurt in any way”?  She reaffirmed that she wasn’t and it was then that I found her crying was due more to embarrassment than anything else.  While driving home on route 96, a secondary road, a car in front of her hit a low flying vulture in mid air.  The vulture caromed off the lead car and somersaulted right into the passenger’s side of Erin’s windshield leaving behind not only a bit of feathers but a few snipets of internal roadkill.windshield.jpg I told her to stay put and I would be there in twenty minutes.  Her mother and I drove to the scene to a still upset young lady.  Knowing that she wasn’t hurt, it was just another day with a problem that need to be attended.  I traded her vehicles as I knew that I had the time to get this fixed and she had to go back to teaching in the morning.  We hugged, kissed and said our goodbyes once again.  I drove her car back to our campground stopping at the office to acquire phone numbers in search of mobile windshield repair services.  When I returned to the car, turned the key, the battery was completely dead.  Fortunately,  the camp managers were able after some time to “jump it” as a I drove it back to our site.  Needless to say, this morning found the battery as dead as yesterday’s vulture.  By three o’clock this afternoon, I had a new battery installed, a new windshield installed, a wash job, and all this cost dad just a tad under five hundred dollars. What a lucky day for me! Tomorrow is back to the neurosurgeon for Robin’s post op visit.  Hopefully we’ll get some good news as there have been a lot of things “breaking” the past two months.�

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