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Motorhome vs. Fifth Wheel

Posted by on July 8, 2008

  myrv.jpgNow that the Cubs have trades for Rich Harden, and Jenna Bush is no longer single, I began to contemplate less important things, such as the RV I’m driving.  Since I have become a full-timer in March, several fellow campers ask us why we travel in a motorhome as opposed to a fifth wheeler.  Already having a motorhome, I never gave that much thought.  I have what I have. But as these travelers possessed many more years of experience on me, I decided to look into the situation and do some research on my own.  The more I researched the more perplexed I became.  In fact, I have become inundated with facts.  I won’t go into “the motorhome has more storage space”, or the “fifth wheeler gives you a run-around vehicle once you unhook”.  Or the argument that a motorhome is another big insurance premium and a trip to the shop puts you without a home as opposed to you just can’t take a fifth wheeler anywhere and you need to leave time to “air condition” once you stop and set up.  So help me, all my readers out there.  Is there some viable reason, something to take me over the top that leaves the decision almost mindless.  Or is this the never ending argument of what’s better…….Ford or Chevy.  By the way, the photo above is the present RV I’m driving. HELP!!

2 Responses to Motorhome vs. Fifth Wheel

  1. Michael Lockridge

    Hey, Larry. Picked you up from the Geeks. I feel your pain. I am about a year and a half from retirement and am constantly thinking about RV choices. Ultimately, there is no one solution, and you have to tailor your choice to the RV lifestyle you have adopted or plan to adopt. Each option has weak points and strengths.

    I would say that staying with what you have as long as the lifestyle is pleasant is the best choice. Unless you are a very good trader, swapping rigs will probably have a significant net loss. Unless you are sure whatever gains you envision are worth that cost, just keep on rollin’ what you are rollin’.

    Your site looks pretty good. Excellent photos. I always like good photos of places and people. And food.

    I look forward to seeing how your adventure goes.


  2. larry

    Hey Michael.
    Thanks for the response. And in checking, you’re absolutely correct. I did some research and checking. Not only would I take a major beating financially to trade they want me to come up with an enormous down payment. I could never recoup that kind of money.
    I’m staying with the Revolution for now. Thanks for the compliments on the photos. I’ll be posting as much as I can, I love to photograph I believe next week
    we will be leaving Selma, NC to take a volunteer position at the tip of the Delmarva Peninsula.(Eastern Shore of VA Wildlife Preserve) Hope to get some great photos there so keep in touch.

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