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Making a New Friend

Posted by on July 17, 2008

Yesterday, I met Lewis Mullen for breakfast at Short’s. Lewis had been perusing my website and took a liking to some of the July 4th photos. He had contacted me regarding talking shop and kibbitzing about cameras and lenses and possibly taking some photos.lewmullen.jpgLewis is the main photographer for both his own site andalso loading photos to a site for photos of places in North Carolina. After some coffee and breakfast we decided to just take a cruise around Selma and see what we would run into and enjoy the conversation. watertower.jpg Lewis was in search of Crape Myrtle on this day.Crape Myrtle is a multi-varied tree that grow flowers in a multitude of beautifulcolors. I have not seen this tree north of the Carolinas. .crepemyrtle.jpgWe walked the streets of Selma and while Lewis pursued his Crape Myrtle,I was just busy noticing other things that caught my fancy as my mind’s eye just sees some things differently than normal. I am attracted to structures and architecture, lines and junctions.. cupulo.jpggrainelevators.jpgWe visited the local library and found that there was a special summer reading program for children. Today Smokey the Bear was visiting with the kids.Later, outside, I was fortunate enough to be able to meet Smokey on my own.smokeyinlibrary.jpg smokey.jpgLater, Lewis took me to the old Burlington Mills building. This was originally a milling place and as you can see the floors are still in tact and beautifully kept. Some futuristic thinking has turned this facility into a medical mall, complete with everything from a spa and gym to massage therapy and cancer treatment center. The beauty of the building extends outside as well as it is landscaped magnificently with large magnolia trees.burlingtonmills.jpgmagnolia.jpg This structure was in stark contrast to the Selma of old, when manufacturing, milling, and cotton were the major products of the area.tanks1.jpgWe spent the remainder of the morning just walking and “shooting” flora and flowers until we decided to motor to nearby However, I’ll post those later as we need to return Erin’s car and get our truck back and Robin, (bless her soul) has locked the keys in the car and I need to “break and enter” so we can be on our way. I swear to goodness if we didn’t have bad luck these past three months we wouldn’t have any luck at all. �

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  1. Eric


    Great stuff, I love it… keep it coming, wonderful photos are you a professional *laughs – Talk with you soon !

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