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In Need of Advice

Posted by on July 12, 2008

Since starting our fulltiming adventure in March, I have been utilizing Wi-Fi in the campgrounds and RV resorts that we have parked or rig in.  In the few instances that the internet was down, I was able to drive to a local Panera Bread or Atlanta Bread Co. to use their services.  I thought all Mac Donalds had WiFi but I have found that down here in the south, that is not necessarily always the case. Now, we will be moving the RV a more remote area that does not have internet service of any kind.  The Datastorm System isn’t a feasible option at this time due to expenses beyond our means, although that looks like a future purchase.  The only other option I’m aware of at this time is a Broadband device that plugs into the USB port of my laptop.  I researched them at Verizon to the tune of $30 for the unit upon receive the fifty dollar rebate. (Do those rebates ever pay out?) After that it’s $60 a month for their top plan with the most Gigabyte usage.  The only option that I have open other than this is to make a trip to town (35 mile round trip) every other day for email and gypsylarry postings.  Let me know if you have a better idea.

3 Responses to In Need of Advice

  1. Debbie

    Larry, I don’t know about how cost efficient your mileage would be, but, Verizon is very good with their rebates…..have worked with them before.

  2. larry

    Debbie, thanks for the input. I appreciate it.

  3. Charles Davis

    Hi Larry,
    We have been using the Verizon Air Card for years now and it has been excellent. Generally we travel all summer long and do also the Pomana RV show and the Tampa RV show, and have never had a real problem except in Yellowstone where we have spent lots of time and there are of course many dead spots there. By the way, 2003 Valkyrie with a custom seat for the wife which I built, caught her snoring last summer in Yellowstone while on the road so I have the comfort level about right. This is our 10th year online financing RV’s and business is very good, we are the ones who started the RV financing buisness on the net, lowest rates and fees and nationwide. Did you have problem with the new capacitor that Chuck installed or ??? Camping World sells a soft start cap which I purchased but have not installed yet. BTW nice site.

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