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Posted by on June 10, 2008

Extreme heat makes one sit and ponder more so than usual. I fretted about all the things that weren’t working and all the tasks that needed to be accomplished in the past few days. And now they’re done. My shore power has been fixed, all to the tune of more than $1k, the satellite is honed in and the site made to feel like home for an extended stay. The station has been reached. But the satisfaction was short-lived. Another journey now must begin. Whereto, I have not a clue. However, the pursuit was to accomplish all that I needed. That being done you would think that would suffice for awhile. But not so.
When they quote, it is the journey and not the destination, this is exactly to what I refer. We think, ‘just as soon as I get this, or just as soon as I accomplish this, then everything will be fine.” And it is but oh, for such a short time. It is our nature, is it not to create, invent, another station (destination) or pursuit. Because it is just that, the journey that so brings us such pleasure and joy. The effort, the push, the pain, the complaining, is all we really relish in. We just often don’t know that at the time.Reflections

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