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Stealing Gas

Posted by on June 29, 2008

After a week up north on business, I made the Goldwing trip back to Selma. It was a glorious day to ride and the entire trip only took ten hours. The only down side was a summons in Virginia for speeding. This appears to be quite distasteful as it will mean a trip back to court in Culpepper, VA. But I have a plethora of stories to tell and they will all be posted in the coming days. Human interest stories in and around Selma will take precedence at the moment as I continue freelancing for CBS. But allow me to digress today and relay an interesting story. It’s about growing old, or dementia, or having my mind in a myriad of other places, about what we all go through……..forgetting simple and daily tasks, (memory loss). Below is a photo of my good friend Tommy, who is a sergeant in the local police force. It was he who reviewed tapes of my illicit behavior (although unbeknownst to me at the time).img_0415.jpgTommy was brought in to investigate videotaped behavior presented by a local Sheetz gas and convenience store. As he watched, he saw his friend Gypsylarry, filling his Goldwing with gasoline, entering the store to use an ATM machine and then exiting it, only to cavort outside with the local Justice (Jay), pictured below:judge.jpgWe two chatted awhile and then I drove off, completely forgetting to pay for the gasoline. It was only later, upon a phone call from the Judge Jay that I realized my mental lapse. Being the friend that he is, the  Judge payed the bill and I reimbursed him later. No foul, no harm. However, this could have been a disaster as pilfering gas is no misdemeanor. So the running joke around those parts were that Gypsylarry gets fired from his mowing job in a campground, and now that he’s retired and on a fixed income, he’s stealing gas. Thank goodness CBS still enjoys my missives and photos….. along with bankrolling the GypsyLarry campaign for President as an independent candidate. (Play the video on the front page).  STAY TUNED…….

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