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About this blog

Posted by on May 29, 2008

Eight months ago, a surgeon told me that the malignant tumor on my voicebox would need to come out. It was growing and closing off my airway a little each day. He alerted me that I probably would never talk again, be affixed with a trache for the rest of my life and probably miss a year of work.  

I chose 9/11 for the first of five surgeries. That date was so well defined I just had to choose it. A little over a month later, I was back at work. I no longer need a trache and just this week, I got fired from my new job for “talking” on a cell phone. More about that as time progresses.
So begins a new chapter of what I will refer to as “The Rest of the Story”.
I’m a random thinker so my story will mesh into the posts so that you’ll learn more about why you want to be here. 

It wil be a journey of a different sort, but you’ll come to want to visit more often. So here we go….stop by often.  Comment on our new horizons, enjoy the photos, and philosophize with us and help us to grow along with you.

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  1. eric

    Great first post Uncle Larry, glad you’ve got it working for you, I look forward to learning with/from you.

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